My Winter Wardrobe Mood Board (Mary Wears)A Winter Wardrobe Mood Board

Before I started blogging about fashion, I didn’t take much consideration into the actual planning of my wardrobe. The process was mostly go shopping, see something I like, buy it. Shopping shouldn’t be complicated yet I would always wonder why I had a so many items I never wore or that aren’t a nice match with other pieces in my closet. Planning is a useful tool in most aspects of life but I generally did not consider planning applicable to my style. I’m still growing my outfit planning abilities but even now I am happier with how well the items in my closet are coming together. The power of a carefully curated closet while getting ready in the morning makes life so much easier.

One of the tools I’ve started using each season is a mood board. Usually reserved for fashion shoots and designers, a board is an amazing (and fun) way to brainstorm your personal style. As I curate my closet, I like to add classic pieces each season to replace older ones that I’d like to retire. It also helps me to visualize the clothes I have with fresh outfit ideas to replicate.

For those of you who are looking for a more organized way of shopping and curating your style, I have found this trick extremely helpful. I’ll be sharing on Mary Wears different mood boards to provide ideas and help you build a closet you love. The one above is the most recent I created for this fall and early winter. I almost exclusively use Pinterest to find images of inspiration when creating a wardrobe mood board. For this season, I really was looking for simple, classic inspiration. I love the muted neutral colors with some pops here and there.

I’ll be sharing more mood boards as the seasons progress and my style and taste continue to evolve.

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Thanks for reading! – Mary