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Creating a Minimal Closet – Why I’m Going Simple

Starting as a Fashion Blog

I started Mary Wears as a traditional fashion blog sometime last year. By a traditional fashion blog, I mean the fashion blogs we are used to seeing: outfit posts multiple times a week and mainly photo based. I saw other bloggers follow this format and find success. If this works for them, it should work for me right? I wish so but I found myself not being able to keep up. Not only in the number of posts but in the amount of clothing. Starting out, it’s tough to keep up with people who are established and really know what they’re doing. The constant pressure to wear something new, trendy, and unseen took the fun out of blogging for me. So I took a step back and had to decide what I want my style to be; what did I want to explore in the realm of fashion?

Finding a Style

Considering this question had me critically thinking about my own style. What do I enjoy, wear in real life, and look for from other websites? That’s when I found bloggers who write about the capsule wardrobe, living simply, and shopping mindfully. After moving to the city, I found myself exploring all these things anyways, especially in my work wardrobe. The idea of only purchasing items I can wear all the time that I also love is a goal I want to achieve. Instead of having a bunch of things I kind of like, why not just buy less that I wear more? So I began to change my wardrobe, style, and shopping habits to establish a seasonal capsule, reduce the amount of things I own, and shop less.

Beginning a Minimal Closet

The point of this post is to share with those reading the purpose and direction of Mary Wears. Because I found inspiration from other women’s processes of starting a minimal closet, I thought I’d share mine here. I’ll be creating posts each week to share with you fashion I’ve found, my outfit combinations, and tips that I learn along the way. I can’t wait to share!


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