Levis and Plaid Scarf (Mary Wears)Defining My Personal Style

A couple weeks ago, after I had decided I want a minimal wardrobe, I went through my closet to assess what I own. I figured the first steps in this journey are to simply get rid of things I don’t wear and keep what I do. The idea of simplifying seemed so refreshing yet as I stood there staring at my closet, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Stressed that I had spent money on things I don’t wear and overwhelmed that what I do own, doesn’t match how I want to dress. I then realized that I never defined what I do want my closet to look like. So, I went back to the drawing board, and started defining my personal style. I knew I couldn’t narrow down and simplify until I had a better idea of what I want to achieve clothing wise. 

How I Defined My Personal Style

While assessing the clothes I own, I saw a mismatch of things I had bought over the years. Either because they were trendy at the time or it was something I thought I should wear. I hadn’t really considered until recently that my clothing frustration was coming from not defining my personal style. So these are some things that have helped me get organized and figure out what I like wearing.

Use Pinterest as a Photo Source

The first thing I did was refer to images on Pinterest. I created a secret board I used so that whenever I saw an outfit that spoke to me, I pinned it there. After collecting twenty or so images, I went back and tried to analyze a major theme. Any outliers from these looks I deleted. I continued this filtering process a couple times until it was pretty obvious what types of outfits, colors, and aesthetic I like. I then wrote down the common factors in a spreadsheet specifically created for defining my personal style. For me, I saw that classic denims, crisp whites, and linen stood out in the majority of the images. Which makes complete sense now that I think about it.

Write Down Outfits

Another strategy that really helped me get a clear sense of my personal style was writing down the outfits I wore on a daily basis. I don’t have a strict dress code at work so it was easy for me to record casual outfits everyday. This gave me a good view of things I wear frequently and what I tend to pair them with. What do I wear when I’m feeling lazy or on the other hand, inspired? This made me see that I like wearing clothes I’m comfortable in and are classic yet casual. Not things that will just look trendy or over the top. I could even see the colors I wore most often. Another refreshing part was seeing these outfits start to align with the images I had found on Pinterest.

Next Steps

Everyone has their own way of defining personal style and finding happiness in their style. However, I found myself frustrated and unhappy with what I was wearing and what I own. This left me feeling the need to shop more in order to achieve some unspecific look. By writing down and defining my clothes, I feel like I can begin to simplify and be happy with what I own; to get rid of the clutter and noise.