A Month of No Shopping

Today I’m writing about a challenge I decided to give myself for the month of January. Writing the title I’m surprised with myself as it’s something I would have never tried to do even a year ago. Not that I am usually a crazy spender but I would buy at least two or three new wardrobe items a month. Not to mention, I was online browsing everyday on the constant hunt for my next purchase. My decision to do a month of no shopping was started from wanting to save money, adhering to a capsule wardrobe, and stopping the habit of constant online shopping.

The No Shopping Challenge

The rules are simple: no buying anything physical for the month of January. This no shopping includes not only clothes but water bottles, yoga mats, etc. but especially no clothes (restaurants and events were not included in this challenge). I started January 1st  and today is the last day. To keep track of my progress, I made a word document to write down anything I bought and how much it cost.

The Results

Today is the day I complete this challenge and could not be happier. At the start, I was still looking at clothes online everyday. This quickly lost it’s appeal since there was no point to it. Now, after only a month, I don’t really think about online shopping at all. It’s nice not having it always on my mind. I also don’t consider sales going on or new arrivals at my favorite stores. It also helps that the timing of this challenge was perfectly aligned with starting a capsule wardrobe. Which has become not just about decluttering/simplifying but changing my mindset and attitudes towards purchasing and shopping.

I highly recommend trying a month without shopping. Going in I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult than it was. Once I stopped thinking about shopping altogether, I forgot I was even doing a challenge!