Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.23

Hi All! Today I’m sharing an outfit from my winter capsule wardrobe. I have to say, it’s actually more fun getting dressed in the morning with less options. It’s exciting to see what combinations of outfits I can make with the items I have. Getting ready in the morning feels more organized, comfortable, and faster. What started as something uncomfortable, and still is something I’m getting used to, has started to become routine. I’m not focusing so much anymore on what I should be wearing but what I do have to wear.

I love the outfit I’m sharing today, especially as an everyday work outfit (usually sans earrings). These jeans and patent boots alone have been go-to’s. The pants are loose fitting and high waisted so perfect for busy, casual days. And these boots are comfortable and add an extra touch to a simple, minimal look. Two things I chose as part of my personal style that I incorporated into my winter capsule wardrobe were comfort and practicality which I’m finding most of the items in this first collection work really well. I used to put pressure on myself to dress up however, by choosing this wardrobe specifically to what I like and what I actually do wear, it takes the pressure off of feeling like I should be wearing something else.

Thanks for reading through my first outfit post. I plan on posting more looks from my current winter capsule wardrobe in upcoming posts. I’m really excited to talk about and share my outfit combinations with the goal of sticking to the few items I picked. Also, you can shop the outfit in this post through the links below.

Outfit Details:

Turtleneck | Jeans | Boots | Jacket | Earrings | Purse