Packing List: Ski Trip

The last weekend in January my fiancé and I went on a ski trip with some friends to Vermont for my birthday. I love getting away and traveling to more quiet areas for a long weekend and refresh. The one thing I always dread though and do at the last minute is pack. It can be flustering, unorganized and stressful.

This was my first trip after having simplified into a winter capsule. To help the process, I usually make a starting list outfits to start thinking about what I want to wear before I begin packing. This gives me some ideas as to what to bring. My list for this trip was so easy. Instead of thinking of every shirt or pair shoes I might wear on the trip, I simply chose one outfit for each day. I was only going to be gone Thursday night through Sunday and only needed three outfits plus ski clothes.

What I Packed


  1. White Turtleneck 2. Black Turtleneck 3. Sweater 4. 2 Long sleeve t-shirts 5. White Button Down

Thoughts: I brought the perfect amount of tops. I ended up mostly wearing the sweater and t-shirt for two days of skiing.


  1. AG Jeans 2. Levi’s 3. Black Leggings 4. Ski Pants

Thoughts: I wore each pair I brought and it was the perfect amount.


  1. Tory Burch Boots 2. L.L. Bean Boots

Thoughts: I could have skipped bringing the Tory Burch boots. The L.L. Bean Boots I wore most of the time anyways since it was really icy.


  1. Ski Jacket 2. North Face Coat

Thoughts: No changes here.


  1. Fjallraven Backpack

Thoughts: No changes here as well. The trip was mainly spent at the ski lodge and eating out. The backpack was perfect.

Packing Tips to Share

Write down the outfit you are going to wear each day. If you’re not working with a capsule wardrobe yet, start by picking two pairs of pants if it’s a weekend trip. Work your way from there to shirts and then shoes. I like to bring one extra shirt as a backup in case I do change my mind the day of. Try not to bring any more though. Planning and organization are the best packing tips that have helped me keep my bag light and packing stress free. Not to mention, a capsule wardrobe has simplified travel and I love it!