Welcome to Mary Wears

Hi I’m Mary and thanks for making it here! I’m a full time analyst and (new) part time blogger living in New York City with my fiancĂ©.

I’m starting this blog to share my experiences here as I try to create a simplified closet and life. After trying to run a fashion blog, I found myself feeling frustrated and unhappy with all the clothes I own. I thought buying new trendy clothes would always help and I still felt uninspired by what I was wearing. Other bloggers seemed to be able to afford all the newest clothes and home decor without a hint at financial thought as I was feeling left in the dust.

After moving to NYC, starting a dream job, and having to downsize everything I own to fit in a tiny Manhattan apartment, I realized I felt happier with less. I don’t want to compete to portray an unrealistic lifestyle. That I solely want to be career focused, save money, all while being stylish. So I’ve decided to condense my work wardrobe to a few items, am starting from scratch, and want to share this my experiences. I’m not quite creating a capsule wardrobe but beginning to create a simplified life and wardrobe with items I love. All with the end goal of saving money and getting to love fashion.

I’m not sure if any of you reading hold similar feelings, but I hope while reading along I can inspire those of you frustrated with your style and want to try something similar.

Questions, thoughts, concerns, want to chat?
Contact: mary.marywears@gmail.com